Monday 31 March 2014

Spelt pizza with cured salmon, avo & cucumber

My first attempt at curing salmon was a hit! Of course I wanted to try it straight away so I threw together a quick 'salad pizza' for dinner last night.....which was an absolute hit and demolished by Mr Slice of Vi & Mr 3. It was such a hit with Mr 3 that he asked for pizza for breakfast, there was a little flatbread and some salmon and avo left, so he had a brekky version this morning, I did need to do some explaining though when I dropped him off at kindy and he told all his teachers that he had pizza for breakfast...!!!! If you can't be bothered curing salmon, you will achieve a similar result with store bought smoked salmon. 

Spelt Pizza with cured salmon, avo & cucumber and lemon yogurt drizzle.


Pizza dough 

2 cloves garlic
300gms warm water
1pkt of instant yeast
2 teaspoons salt 
30gms oil
260gms plain white bakers flour
240gms spelt flour
Extra few pinches of flour for rolling 


A few hundred grams of finely sliced cured salmon (see my cured salmon recipe or you can use pre purchased smoked salmon) 
1 ripe avocado sliced - hass is my favorite!
1 cucumber finely sliced

Lemon yogurt drizzle sauce 

4-5 tablespoons thick Greek yogurt (unsweetened) 
Juice of 1/2 lemon
A few pinches of salt - to taste
Freshly cracked black pepper


Add garlic to TM bowl and chop 2 sec | Spd 7 
Add warm water and yeast, salt, oil & then flour. Mix 6 secs | Spd 6.
Kneed for 2 mins and set aside in a bowl covered with cling wrap to rise until doubled in size. 

Pre-heat your oven to 220*c or put your pizza stone in your BBQ on high (or if you're lucky enough to have a pizza oven in your backyard fire it up!!!)

While this is happening you can slice your salmon, cucumber and avo and set aside in fridge until pizza base is cooked. 

In a clean thermomix bowl, mix yogurt, lemon juice and salt and pepper 5 secs | Spd 4 and set aside in fridge.

Once dough is ready, divide the dough into the amount of pizza you want to make (I usually get 3 - 4 thin pizzas out of a batch of dough, as that's what we like, but if you like a thicker crust split the dough in 2) , roll out on a floured board into a round shape and put onto an oven tray. Spread a little olive oil on top and cook on a pizza stone or a hot oven until crunchy & golden. Once out, drizzle a tiny bit more oil (if necessary) and layer salmon, avo, cucumber & drizzle with lemon yogurt sauce.


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