Saturday 15 February 2014

Fruit and veggie stamping

I asked Mr 3 what he wanted to do the other day and he gleefully yelled "painting!!!!!" as he yahooed around my ankles in the kitchen. Painting it was. Instead of the usual paintbrush painting we do, I thought we would do some fruit & veg stamping. I remember doing it at preschool when I was a kid... many moons ago now!!!

I had apples & potatoes to spare, so I sliced an apple in half and cut some shapes out of potato slices with tiny cookie cutters. I used some small skewers as handles and poked them in the backs of the apples & spuds. I just used acrylic paints squirted on some cardboard and stood back... N dipped the stamps in and pressed onto paper, he also used paintbrushes to paint the bottoms.

Much fun was had. 

We also have some great sheets of homemade wrapping paper now. 

Happy playing.

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