Friday 14 February 2014

Crochet - hello old friend

I've recently been inspired to pick up my crochet hooks for the first time in 20 years. I was invited to contribute a square to make a blanket for someone who needs a lot of love right now. I ended up making a trip to this little shop called Tangled Yarns at Newstead before I could hook 1 stitch, because I had every size crochet hook on this green earth including wooden ones, except a 4.0, which is what I remember using when I was a young girl. My wonderful Nan taught me to crochet. I have all her old crochet hooks in a little tooled leather case. I remember her patiently teaching me. I used to make little granny squares, which were mainly used as dolls blankets in my dollhouse and doilies, usually in outrageous colour combinations, like lime green & purple.... as it turns out, my colour combinations are still a little outrageous. I just love rainbows. It was such a trip down memory lane at Tangled Yarns looking at all the lovely yarn and hooks and bits and bobs, much like strolling through my Nan's sewing room. 

What will I make next? 

If you're in Brisbane & you're yarn-y I highly recommend a trip to this lovely little shop. I had Master S in the Manduca but next time I have a second alone.. (perhaps in 20 years!) I'm going to head in there and enjoy a HOT cup of coffee* and one of their scrumptious looking cupcakes.

*I'm still dreaming of hot coffee.....

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