Friday 29 November 2013

Its starting to look a lot like Christmas...

Christmas Craft - part 1

So today was the first chance I've had to start to work on that to do list in my head - you know - the one that you think about as you lay in bed at 2am wondering, when and in what universe you're ever going to get time to get it all done. Thats me!!! ... anyhoo - todays things to cross off the to do list - 1. Christmas craft - I promised N last night we would do Christmas craft today - and if you promise an almost 3 year old something, it absolutely, no questions asked, has to happen - the consequences of it not happening are dire and could include (but not be limited to) melt downs of apocalyptic standards and constant harassment until the said thing is rescheduled. It's just not worth the heartache! So Christmas craft it was today! I decided we would make some 'white clay' Christmas ornaments that a friend had posted on my Mixed up Minxes page - of course I converted the recipe into the Thermomix (see below for recipe) - once the dough was done, we rolled and cut and played - I'm not sure who had more fun - N or myself! After a good 'play dough' session, we rolled the dough out one last time and cut out with christmas cutters, using a straw to make a hole at the top so we could thread with string and hang. As an afterthought I printed S's footprint into a larger bit of dough and N's thumbprints into the centre of a couple of the stars - it was so much fun. After baking and cooling, we threaded with pretty ribbon and we hung proudly on our Christmas tree. It was such a lovely activity. N was kept entertained with a few mini Christmas craft activities while the ornaments were baking and then cooling - including some gluing with glitter and stamping with christmas stamps. We finished off the day with some nice fresh cold red and green watermelon - completing our Christmas theme. 

White clay for the Thermomix: 

-390gms bicarb soda
-80gms corn flour
-170gms warm water
-3 tablespoons fine glitter (we used silver)
Add dry ingredients to TM bowl, add water, cook:
80 degrees | Sp 4 | 4 mins. 

Roll out with a rolling pin and cut into shapes or press into hand/footprints. Use a straw to make a hole to thread with ribbon if desired.

Bake 100 degrees for about an hour. Cool and enjoy <3

For a non Thermomix version - visit

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